“Exdron Logistics Magician” (Personal Hazmat Courier)

72 hours Import

“Exdron Logistics Magician” (Personal Hazmat Courier) is a premium personal service, and while it may seem costly, it’s the only way to get urgent imported deliveries, From anywhere in the world to you within 72 hours.

In these rare cases when you have a missing urgent; adhesive, silicone, hazmat, or anything else you might need urgently for your production line. And you cannot find it with your local distributors, because of no stock, or long manufacturing lead time. We are the only one whom can help!

Here’s how it works:

“Exdron Logistics Magician” locate stock worldwide.
This is our business, we immediately contact hundreds of official distributors (we only work with official distributors to verify goods authenticity) of that exact material you need, worldwide.
We confirmed expiration dates, quality papers (manufacturer coc, and coa/cot).

“Exdron Logistics Magician” book immediately first flights.
We send a special agent personally, a hazmat IATA certified specialist, that can inspect the goods, and can make proper Hazmat paperwork. Pay cash when needed. And pickup the goods.
We book only one way, and save no money on this, sometimes flights via 2/3 other countries in order to get where we need asap, in order to maintain flexibility to the personal courier to make it back fast.

“Exdron Logistics Magician” manage fast local logistics .
We work fast globally with taxis, car rentals, local contacts, to pickup the goods, and inspect them, pack them, work on customs clearance and make sure all is ready for export within hours.
If controlled environment is needed such as cool-box of dry ice, we handle it.


“Exdron Logistics Magician” book immediately first flights back.
Our special agent personally, hand carry the box with him on the plane.
We book only one way, and save no money on this, in order to maintain flexibility to the personal courier to make it back fast. In many cases we fly back via 2/3 different countries in order to come back fastest way because of flight schedules.

“Exdron Logistics Magician” local custom release.
Our special agent release the goods personally and legally on arrival, passing deliberately on the red customs gate (sometimes in 2/3 different countries also), and pay any extra taxes and duties needed cash, all in order to get immediate release.

“Exdron Logistics Magician” manage fast local logistics .
Then take immediate taxis / car rentals, whichever is faster to deliver the goods directly to your manufacturing line. Sometimes with no sleep for 72 hours (just on the flights;-).

The result is a Magical solution and delivery to you within 72 hours.

We handle dozens of such shipments annually for diverse clients worldwide, including: Philips, Elbit, Teva, Israeli aircraft industry (IAI), Israeli army (IDF), Rafael, intel, Medtronic, and many more

When considering costs, remember that this is not an ordinary service. It’s a specialized, immediate solution with higher expenses, justified by necessity. When needed.

The result; A fantastic solution with a 99% success rate, when in stop production.

If you ever require this service, rest assured that “Exdron Logistics Magician” is up to the task! 🚀

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