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Exdron is a leading company in the field of (electrostatic discharge) ESD protection, with over 25 years of experience and expertise. Exdron was one of the first companies in Israel that started the ESD protection programs in most high-tech companies, helping them to prevent and reduce the damages caused by ESD to their electronic products and equipment.

Exdron offers a wide range of services and products for ESD protection, including:

ESD training: Exdron provides professional and customized training courses for ESD trustees, engineers, technicians, and operators, covering the theory and practice of ESD protection, the standards and regulations, the measurement and testing methods, and the best practices and solutions for ESD control.
ESD audits: Exdron conducts comprehensive and objective audits of the ESD protection systems and procedures in the work environment, identifying the strengths and weaknesses, the risks and opportunities, and the compliance and improvement levels.
ESD consulting services: Exdron offers expert advice and guidance on how to design, implement, and maintain an effective and efficient ESD protection program, tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client.
ESD Trustees Certification: Exdron certifies ESD trustees who have completed the training course and passed the examination, according to the international standards and requirements. Exdron also provides ongoing support and updates for the certified ESD trustees.
ESD testing: Exdron performs accurate and reliable testing of the ESD performance and characteristics of various materials, products, and equipment, using advanced and calibrated testing equipment and methods.
Sales ESD testing equipment: Exdron sells high-quality and affordable ESD testing equipment, such as ESD meters, ESD simulators, ESD monitors, ESD analyzers, and more, from reputable and trusted manufacturers and suppliers.
Install Antistatic PVC flooring: Exdron installs antistatic PVC flooring, which is a durable and easy-to-clean flooring solution that prevents the accumulation and discharge of static electricity, and provides a safe and comfortable work surface.
Sell ionization products to all environments: Exdron sells ionization products, such as ionizing blowers, ionizing bars, ionizing guns, and ionizing nozzles, that neutralize the static charge on the surfaces and in the air, and eliminate the attraction of dust and contaminants.
Sell ESD solutions and products: Exdron sells a variety of ESD solutions and products, such as ESD workstations, ESD chairs, ESD mats, ESD bags, ESD gloves, ESD wrist straps, ESD shoes, ESD garments, and more, that provide effective and convenient ESD protection for the personnel, the products, and the equipment.E

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