Biological hoods Test and Certification

Exdron is a leading company that offers a full service for biological hoods testing and certification. We have a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in performing tests, validation and certification for biological hoods, using the world’s top of the line measurement equipment and the newest and most updated methodology.

Biological hoods, also known as biosafety cabinets or microbiological safety cabinets, are enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspaces that provide protection for personnel, environment and product from biological hazards. They are classified into different classes and types according to the level of protection they provide and the type of airflow they use.

Depending on the class and type of the biological hood, different tests are required to certify its performance and safety. These tests are performed in accordance with the standards and guidelines of NSF/ANSI 49, OSHA, NIH/CDC, and the manufacturer’s specifications. Some of the common tests include:

Inflow and downflow velocity measurements: These tests ensure that the air velocity inside the hood is adequate to prevent the escape of contaminated air and to maintain a clean work area.
HEPA filter integrity testing: This test checks for any leakage or defects in the HEPA filters that provide the required filtration for the air entering and exiting the hood.
Smoke pattern testing: This test qualitatively verifies the airflow direction and pattern inside the hood using a visible fog source.
Site installation testing and alarm calibration: This test confirms that the hood is properly installed and connected to the exhaust system, and that the alarms are functioning correctly.
Optional tests: Depending on the specific application and requirements, additional tests may be performed, such as non-viable particle counting, electrical safety testing, UV light testing, pressure decay and cabinet integrity testing, and vibration testing.

The test results are compared to the acceptable criteria specified by the standards and the manufacturer. If the hood meets or exceeds the criteria, it is certified and labeled as such. If not, corrective actions are taken to resolve the issues and retest the hood until it passes the certification.

At Exdron, we are committed to providing high-quality and reliable service for biological hoods testing and certification. We have the expertise, equipment and methodology to ensure that your biological hoods are safe and effective for your laboratory needs. Contact us today to schedule your service or to learn more about our offerings.

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