Cleanroom ISO 14644-1 Tests and Certification

Exdron is a leading provider of cleanroom ISO 14644-1 tests and certification services in Israel. We offer a full service from beginning until you get cleanroom ISO 14644-1 certification from us. We will replace filters if needed, and fix any problems in the cleanroom, so you can be certified. We will prepare you and your company for this certification and audit and conduct all the tests needed and deliver a detailed professional report.

Cleanroom ISO 14644-1 is the international standard for cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. It specifies the classes of air cleanliness by particle concentration, ranging from ISO 1 (the cleanest) to ISO 9 (the least clean). It also specifies the methods of testing and sampling to determine the cleanliness class of a cleanroom.

Exdron has a team of experienced and qualified consultants who can help you with every aspect of cleanroom ISO 14644-1 certification. We can help you with:
• Gap analysis: We will assess your current cleanroom and identify the gaps and areas for improvement to meet the cleanroom ISO 14644-1 requirements
• Filter replacement and problem fixing: We will replace your filters if needed, and fix any problems in your cleanroom, such as leaks, pressure, airflow, temperature, humidity, etc.
• Test preparation and execution: We will prepare you and your company for the cleanroom ISO 14644-1 certification and audit and conduct all the tests needed, such as particle count, air velocity, air flow visualization, filter integrity, recovery, etc.
• Report delivery and certification: We will deliver a detailed professional report with the test results and the cleanliness class of your cleanroom. We will also issue you a cleanroom ISO 14644-1 certificate that is valid for one year.

Cleanroom ISO 14644-1 standard recommends that you test and certify your cleanroom at least once a year, or more often if there are any changes or events that may affect the cleanliness of your cleanroom, such as maintenance, modifications, repairs, accidents, etc.

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