ENTHONE 50-100R Quart White WN50-100R QT 135616-0001QT

ENTHONE 50-100R WHITE QUART 135616-0001QT


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Product description:

ENTHONE 50-100R 50-Series Cat-L-Ink is a permanent, two-component, epoxy-based screen-printing ink. It may be used with a selection of catalysts that cure at elevated and/or room temperatures. When properly applied and cured, Cat-L Ink has excellent adhesion to photoimageable, thermal, and UV solder masks, glass, metal, and plastic. It also has_x000D_
excellent chemical and thermal resistance properties. 50-Series Cat-L-Ink is well suited to be used in the electronics, aerospace, automotive, appliance, and decorative container_x000D_
industries. Uses include the permanent marking of circuit boards, semiconductor components, connectors, dials,_x000D_
nameplates, edge-lit panels, chassis, glass, and thermoplastics. ENTHONE 50-100R Quart White WN50-100R QT 135616-0001QT

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