TIGA 920H 4OZ KIT M2023308 2023308

TIGA 920H 4OZ KIT 2023308


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Product description:

TIGA 920H 4OZ KIT The conductive, flexible silver filled epoxy, TIGA 920-H is used for sealing and bonding electronic applications where flexability, mechanical performance and conductivity are needed. The formulation is a smooth paste of silver and epoxy and is free of solvents and other extraneous additives. The TIGA 920-H develops strong, durable, electrically and thermally conductive bonds between many dissimilar materials including metals, ceramics and plastic laminates.The Henkel adhesive cures at room temperature and can be used as a flexible “cold solder” for heat sensitive parts and can also be used in the assembly and repair circuits, electrical components and electronic shielding. TIGA 920H 4OZ KIT M2023308 2023308

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