What is ESD protection

ESD protection program is a systematic and comprehensive approach to prevent and reduce the damages caused by ESD to the electronic products and equipment in the manufacturing process. ESD is a phenomenon that occurs when two objects with different electric potentials come into contact or close proximity, and a sudden flow of electric current occurs between them. ESD can cause irreversible damage to the electronic components and circuits, such as burning, melting, cracking, or short-circuiting, resulting in reduced performance, quality, reliability, and lifespan of the products and equipment. ESD can also cause safety hazards, such as fire, explosion, or electric shock, endangering the health and well-being of the personnel and the environment.

ESD protection program aims to control and eliminate the sources and causes of ESD, and to provide adequate and appropriate protection for the sensitive and vulnerable electronic products and equipment. ESD protection program consists of four main elements:

• ESD awareness and education: ESD protection program requires the awareness and education of all the personnel involved in the manufacturing process, from the management to the operators, about the nature and effects of ESD, the standards and regulations, the roles and responsibilities, and the best practices and solutions for ESD control.
• ESD control plan: ESD protection program requires the development and implementation of a written ESD control plan, which defines the objectives and scope of the program, the policies and procedures, the roles and responsibilities, the performance indicators and targets, and the monitoring and evaluation methods.
• ESD control area: ESD protection program requires the establishment and maintenance of an ESD control area, which is a designated area where the electronic products and equipment are handled, stored, and processed, and where the ESD protection measures and rules are applied and enforced. ESD control area can be a room, a workstation, a bench, or a zone, depending on the size and complexity of the manufacturing process.
• ESD control measures: ESD protection program requires the application and use of various ESD control measures, such as grounding, bonding, shielding, ionization, and personal protective equipment, that prevent the generation and accumulation of static charge, and dissipate or neutralize the static charge, and provide a low-resistance path for the safe discharge of the static charge.

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